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Home - Michel Raynaud

“They say you have to know wine to appreciate it. They say you need experience and the right utensils. Forget all that. Throw out the rule book.”

Michel Raynaud

Home - Michel Raynaud

Terroir guides everything

Michel Raynaud has always been his own man – but Corbières will always be his home. He loves and respects this corner of the Languedoc, working hand in hand with nature instead of against it – even if this means having to reject convention along the way. Sincerity is critical in his eyes, which is why he puts his trust in his farming instinct instead of passing trends. “I don’t care about recognition or fleeting labels.”

Never compromising on quality is the only thing that truly matters to him, so that you can continue to discover the treasures of his terroir.

The wines of Michel Raynaud: crafted by human hands, rooted in terroir

Michel Raynaud’s wines defy the rule book. Exuding freshness and generosity above all else, these exceptional bottlings are pure reflections of the south of France.

You may perceive in them the wildness of his native region. The Mediterranean air traversing the rugged mountain ranges, the rustling of the garrigue under the sun. And you will doubtless experience in them the warmth and authenticity of moments shared.


“They encapsulate the spirit of my region, the spirit that I adore!”

Michel Raynaud’s wines are dazzling, generous and out of the ordinary. The touch of a maverick in a world of orthodoxy.